Personalized Wood Coaster and Wedding Favors - Nesting Project

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When your guests leave your wedding, you want them to take something special with them that represents you and your new spouse, is a long standing tradition or is something useable that they’ll keep for years to come.

Though the ceremony and celebration are by far the most important details of the big day, if you find the right item, the favors can be a subject of conversation or remembrance for years. When I got married, we gave out small saplings. A friend gave out mint plants. Another gave personalized koozies. Cookbooks, etc. When you’re the bride, there are a million choices and it’s not like you have much more room in that brain to think of one more detail.

For one of our brides, we created something completely new (at least to our line). Since one of our most popular invitation designs is our coaster design, we decided to keep the theme running through their cocktail hour and into their guests homes. One of the most important things to us is continuity. When invitations, programs, menus and all the small extras match in color and feel, it takes your wedding up a notch. Not only are they beautiful, they’re easy to carry home in a purse or pocket, they’re useable and they’re extremely affordable. I remember spending around $3/ea. for our giveaways and these are only $1.50/ea. Plus, whatever’s left over at the end of the party will just be really nice sets for you and your parents.
If you’re stumped about what to give, here’s a list I found on that may help get those creative juices flowing:

  • Match your item in color and presentation to those used in your wedding
  • Go for Double-duty, like the coasters
  • Give one per couple instead of per person
  • Make a Donation
  • Time it right so your guests don’t miss or leave their favor
  • Make you own (cookies or jam)