Naughty or Nice? - Nesting Project

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Did you make the Naughty or the Nice list? This is the age old question every year at Christmas time.

Somehow, every year my dad receives that lump of coal in his stocking to the delight of my neice and nephew. I suppose it’s a great reminder to them though to stay on that “Nice” list throughout the year.

I think Santa’s antics with my dad are what caused me to try so hard to find some naughty or nice decorations. I was thinking of ways that I could mess with my husband or my neice and nephew as it was getting closer to Christmas. I’ve seen little Santa figurines that had Naughty and Nice written on the bottom that could be moved or ornaments but I needed something they would for sure notice. So, we came up with these pillowcases. Each night, I can switch the pillow for the corresponding behavior of the day.

For me, it’s perfect because it’s not just a decoration, it’s useable. The fun of it is really when you don’t know where the pillows will end up. Whoever has possession of them determines where they will be found the next night. With all the TV, computers, cell phones and what not, it’s a fun little family game.