A Little Volleyball and a Lot of Fun - Nesting Project

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You can judge if you want but the Hooters on Harding Road in Nashville has the best sand volleyball court in the city. Because of this, there’s either a league or tournament nearly ever night of the week.

Some of the more advanced teams seem to focus solely on their bump, set, spike skills but when it comes to the rec league, it’s more fun than it is game. I’m not saying they’re not competitive; no one likes to lose. It’s just more of a community atmosphere. Teams interact, make it fun. They learn one another’s names, they buy each other drinks, they talk a little smack on the court. If it weren’t for the new trend in team shirts, you might think everyone was on the same team.

It all started last season when the Lucky’s team showed up with team shirts. Our team couldn’t be outdone considering I had just started a design company that printed shirts. So, we quickly designed and printed our own shirts. By the end of the season, one more team had risen to the occasion. This season 6 of the 8 teams have their own shirts. Some teams have nicknames printed on the backs and some have numbers which makes it either more fun to cheer for or easier to heckle.

The point here is to have fun. If you are on a kickball, dodge ball, volleyball, or softball team, make it more interesting. Deciding the name and coming up with fun nicknames will be your first act as a team and start your season off right. They help you get to know the other teams too.

Shirts should cost somewhere between $15 and $17, a well worth it investment considering you’ll wear it each week. One thing to consider is the name. It should be fun but non-offensive. You should be able to wear it to the gym.