First Days of School - Nesting Project

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Remember your first day of school every year and how hard it was to remember everyone’s name? A new grade, a new classroom, a new teacher, all new classmates and maybe even a new school.

I would come home feeling exhausted and my brain would hurt from trying to remember everything I was supposed to know. I could remember faces so easily but when it came to names, I was up a creek.

Teachers have to learn everyone’s names too so they make seating charts or name signs to sit atop the desks. It only takes a few days to get them straight for those younger grades that only have one class. By around fourth grade, subjects start getting split up into levels and they’re getting pretty difficult to remember. What happens during recess or if everyone gets up from their desk? You’re entire system is shot and you have to rely on your very short term memory. Well, I don’t put that much stock into mine.

I come from a family of teachers. We’ve always joked that we wished everyone would just wear a shirt with their names on it for the first few days. You wouldn’t have to guess, their names would be right there in bold letters for everyone to know, never having to second guess. At Nesting Project, we used to make name shirts just for newborns or birthday gifts. With the start of school this year though, we had a different idea. Maybe we could implement this plan my family has always talked about. So, starting this year, we are going to run an annual sale on name drop shirts during the months of August and September. We’re want to help every teacher, student, lunch lady, after school care program helper and bus driver learn names more easily.

They’re only $6.99. You can hardly get that at Target and those aren’t personalized.