No Limits on Printing - Nesting Project

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Conventionally, when wanting some custom shirts, you had to think about the design, how many colors, price per color, set up fees for screens, and an array of other things that no longer matter in our world.

A newly developed technique, Direct to Garment printing, applies an array of colors just like an ink jet printer directly to your garment.

There are a few things that haven’t changed. Printing on white or light shirts is still a cheaper option. Darker shirts cost a little more and then printing on them costs a little more as well. That’s because each shirt has to be pretreated and a white layer of ink is laid under the color layer so that they pop and so you can see the ink unless you’re going for a real vintage look.

Images can be as large as 18×12.5 and after dried for a few minutes, they are ready to be worn. Photo quality prints look fantastic too.

Because of all these changes, short runs are actually affordable again. If you order from us, there is little to no set up costs, turnaround is quick and our quality has now improved by 100%. Let us know how we can help you.