Team Support Shirts - Nesting Project

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When you show up at a ball field and there is a swarm of orange or yellow shirted parents, players and friends, it’s intimidating.

If you’re not part of that team you’re probably thinking, “why didn’t we do that?” or has it already gotten into your head or your athletes head? We all know a team has to have skill to play a good game but no one should ever underestimate the power of intimidation. After all, Dale Earnhardt wasn’t called “The Intimidator” just because he was a good driver.

Little League, Swim Team, Soccer, or Football? Custom t-shirts are a great way to show support for your little athletes. Teams need warm up shirts, parents need to claim the star or maybe a sibling wants to cheer on their favorite team. Most companies will let you chose from clipart images or use a logo you send but they charge you an arm and a leg for customization (not us). Put a name. number or both on the back of the shirts. Be loud, be proud, show your spirit, and support your team.
Call us if you need some shirts today! 615-807-2786