Travel Baby Shower - Nesting Project

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Do you have a friend who’s having a baby and you’re trying your hardest to think of something to do for her shower other than figure out how many pieces of toilet paper fit around her belly?

One of the best and most memorable things for anyone attending is to come up with a theme and run with it. You can spend as little or as much as you want. You might even surprise yourself with how many props and small details you can come up with that make everyone say, “Wow!”

If you have a friend that loves to travel or wants to decorate their child’s room in travel, vintage travel, planes, trains, automobiles, and boats, etc., here are some great ideas for you.

1. Invitations: it can be simple, it can be grand: a passport, a boarding ticket, just an image of some form of travel. Change all the wording to a more travel heavy vernacular using words like baggage, check-in time, arrival, departure, seat numbers, etc.

2. Games: make your games fit into your theme as well. As your mother-to-be questions about her travel experiences or where she’s been, favorite places, where she wants to take the baby. Have a paper airplane contest to see who’s flies the farthest. make sure your prizes are travel oriented as well: travel journals, coasters with images of far away destinations, etc.

3. Food: have a variety of food from around the world and make use of flags (you can usually find these at any craft store).

4. Decorations: Take some old maps, make place mats or planes or seating cards. Print out some old postcards off the internet to make some garland. Find some old luggage and travel books. Place them on the tables. Dress up like flight attendants or captains. If you have a train, have it going around the food or gift table. Make little signs that point in different directions toward favorite places.

5. Giveaways: Baggage claim! Put whatever you’d like in a small bag so that people can claim their luggage (giveaway) on the way out.

6. Guest Book: have each person fill out page (could be located in the passport), a postcard, or page in a new travel journal. Have them tell their favorite travel experience and recommendation for a new place to take the baby and why.